Erengwa International (EI) is a business development consultancy company that specializes in strategic planning, peak performance, uncertainty management, financial services and International business development.

We help our clients cope with the ever-changing business environment and implement effective strategies that help them to become dynamic leaders in their industry. We take pride in total customer satisfaction and take the time to understand the individual needs of each client. We customize our solutions and techniques based on each of those needs and provide the tools to strategically execute the unique objectives of each client.

Our team also provides consulting services and advise to Governmental agencies and Non Profit organizations.



“Plans are nothing, planning is everything”. -Dwight D. Eisenhower

Our Mission is to ensure that the successful future of our clients is created by providing products and services that streamline and adapt to their changing business environment and practices. We achieve excellence in quality and align the internal processes to deliver customized solutions by thoroughly understanding the needs of our customers. Drawing from our wide range of experience, we make relentless efforts to deliver best service to our customers while being environmentally friendly and considerate.