About Dr. Enyinna Erengwa

Dr. Erengwa is an international business development and management strategist. He also provides consulting services for governments and nonprofit organizations.

He is a visionary, a leader, and a humanitarian. He has extensive experience in strategic planning, general management, financial and investmentconsulting. He is an Alumni of City University, London and worked as an Investment Banker in Europe an USA.

Under the direction of Dr. Erengwa, we have a staff of experienced consultants that are thoroughly trained experts in their fields. Our staff is well respected by clients who appreciate that we take the time to tailor our consulting approaches to accommodate their specific cultural, organizational, and performance needs. Through our diversified services, we partner with global and local organizations to develop employees, identify opportunities, examine systems and processes, and create plans to improve their position amongst the competition. Our staff members are masters of process improvement and have the real-world experience necessary to implement strategies, techniques, and tools that work for each client. We turn your strategic initiatives into success and aim to produce the greatest amount of improvement in the shortest amount of time.